Frequently Asked Questions

Cvafrica is a recruitment job portal that allows jobseekers to post their resume into our database at moderate cost and the database is now made available to top recruiters or companies to search at no cost to them.
Your resume will only be available for search or view by recruiters or companies only after you have activated your resume with CVAfrica pin
Cvafrica pins are available in all our authorized merchants and sales points
Validity depends on the card you bought(N500-6 months validity,N1000-12 months validity and N2000-24months validity)
As a subscriber,you will enjoy our free newsletters on how to prepare and get your dream job.Also,free coaching opportunities on personal development and wealth creation strategy will be made available for you at no cost.
Your subscription can be renewed using cvafrica pin,online payment or bank payment option.
Recruiters or companies interested in you will contact you directly through your contact details
Cvafrica does not guarantee you a job,it is the recruiter or the company searching through our database that determines who to be invited
If you have any additional enquiries contact us at [email protected]